Green Street Vapor Co. – By Patients, For Patients

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Green Street Vapor Co. – By Patients, For Patients

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Welcome to Green Street Vapor Co.

We are a Florida based boutique supplier of the finest quality devices for vaping Medical Cannabis products, and thick essential oils. Our dedication is to all of our customers, but our commitment is to Florida Medical Cannabis Patients. As patients ourselves, we recognize the need for products that are both affordable, and reliable. At Green Street, we test all our devices to insure 100% quality and reliability.

What Green Street Vapor Co. is NOT, is a “head shop” or “smoke shop”. We ONLY sell devices that fall under the framework of current Florida Medical Cannabis law. We understand that FL dispensaries aren’t in the business of manufacturing quality electronic vaporizers…but the devices they do distribute (often re-licensed and branded from cheap overseas manufacturers) are extremely outdated, and lack performance quality. And then they sell them for unreasonable prices……Is it greed? In a recreational market, maybe. But for PATIENTS, in a MEDICAL scenario….its just wrong. Thats why we will do our part, by offering a “Patient access-only” portion of the site, where prices will be permanently set well below retail. We have made arrangements with select US manufacturers to support us in this, by allowing Florida patients to have access to premiere devices, that they otherwise couldn’t afford or wouldn’t be aware of.

The great majority of Florida patients have little to no experience with vaporizer technology, let alone Medical Cannabis….here at Green Street we plan to grow, and establish ourselves not only as a device supplier, but also as a source of advocacy, and knowledege for those that need it most.

Thank you,

The Green Street Staff

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Feel free to Contact Us with any questions you may have.


Or you may Shop Our Store for great medical-grade devices delivered straight to your door.

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