Supreme Clean Kit

The Higher Standards Supreme Clean Kit features a suite of essential products and tools for functional glass and vaporizer care. Showing an appreciation for superior design and pure ingredients, Higher Standards advances the cleaning ritual to ensure the best performance from your glass pipe or vaporizer. This one-stop-shop cleaning kit features everything you need to keep your device in optimal condition.


  • One-Stop-Shop Kit
  • Pure Ingredients
  • Functional Design
  • Deep Clean Action


What’s in the Box:

  • 1x ISO Pure
  • 1x Salt Rox
  • 12x Pipe Stix
  • 12x Pipe Dreamz
  • 1x Resin Rag
  • 2x Dot Wipes
  • 1x Salt Schute
  • 1x Stem Brush
  • 6x Tube Tops

*This product is intended for use with legal materials, and is not intended for use with tobacco products. This product may not be sold to minors. Inhalation by smoking or vaping may be harmful to your health. This product has not been tested by the Food and Drug Administration.