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The ELEV8R from 7th Floor Vapes is one of the most unique vaporizers to date. Handcrafted in Colorado Springs, the ELEV8R’s all glass construction and pure convection system, make the ELV8R THE reigning king of flavor. Using the included ceramic concentrate disc, the ELEV8R is as fantastic for extracts as it is dry herbs….but its best at vaping them simultaneously! Although the ELEV8R is INCREDIBLY simple, using it does require a decent torch, and is definitely NOT for everyone. We recommend using the ELEV8R with a Blazer torch.

All ELEV8R’s are filled to order, by 7th Floor. (PLEASE ALLOW 4-5 BUSINESS DAYS FOR PROCESSING & DELIVERY.


Kit Selection * 

Select either the Standard Kit (with metal screens), or upgrade to the Complete Glass Kit (with glass screens blown into the ELEV8R when manufactured).

Double Honeycomb Water Filter Add-on

(Includes Sherlock Mouthpiece, and connecting Sick Clip)

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Elev8R Options

Base Model, Base + Water Filter Kit, Base + Extra Elev8R Heater, Full Package


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