The Life Saber by 7th Floor



  • Handmade glass on glass for an amazing flavor experience
  • 10′ power cord for long convenient reach
  • 100% convection
  • Ships in a high-quality hemp and polyester padded bag
  • Simple to operate, durable, and easy to clean

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Over two years of continuous research and development have gone into producing the most high quality, multi-use vape in the world. The Life Saber™ Herbal Vaporizer is absolutely the most versatile, well designed and refined vape on the market. Use it three ways…alone with the transfer wand, held directly to your water pipe, or by using the heating element directly over your bowl instead of a lighter. All LifeSaber orders are filled by 7th Floor. PLEASE ALLOW 4-5 BUSINESS DAYS FOR PROCESSING & DELIVERY


What’s in the bag

  • Life Saber Vaporizer assembled with a borosilicate glass Heater Cover and aluminum knob
  • Handmade borosilicate glass Transfer Wand
  • 10ft. Power Cord with Cord Strain Relief
  • Stainless Steel Marble Pick
  • 2 Pack of Replacement Screens, one 14.8mm and one 20.8mm
  • Ceramic FlavorDisc
  • Padded Storage Bag made of a durable hemp and polyester blend called “hempster”


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