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While most desktop vaporizers might be at a price point thats out of reach for many vapers, the more affordable Da Buddha offers a premium level of construction that’s within reach for those on a budget. The Da Buddha is a whip style device that utilizes a ceramic heating element, and an all glass-on-glass air path. The simple design is a no frills approach, that helps keep costs down, and stays focused solely on performance. All Da Buddha orders are filled directly by 7th Floor. PLEASE ALLOW 4-5 BUSINESS DAYS FOR PROCESSING & DELIVERY.



  • Ceramic heating element provides even convective heat
  • Glass-on-glass design provides unparalleled flavor, and easy cleaning access.
  • Adjustable temperature control
  • Easily converts into the safest e-nail on the market!!
  • Aircraft-grade Aluminum Housing
  • Padded Hemp Storage Bag

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What’s in the bag?

  • Da Buddha Vaporizer assembled with a borosilicate glass Heater Cover and aluminum knob
  • Padded Storage Bag made of a durable hemp and polyester blend called “hempster”
  • Packet of 10 Replacement Screens for your Whip Wand
  • Full ground glass whip kit
  • Stainless Steel Marble Pick
  • 3ft Whip Tubing made of food-grade vinyl

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