Cold-Start Dab Kit (Basic)


Other than a small butane lighter and glass bubbler/water filter, The Cold-Start Dab Kit (Basic) comes with everything you need to experience SIMPLE, AFFORDABLE, and FLAVORFUL, low-temp dab sessions. With the Thermal Banger, and Bubble Carb-Cap, all it takes is 8-10 seconds with the lighter, and your all set. E-Temperature Control devices like the Hyer Big Rig, and PuffCo Peak are amazing options if you’ve got one, but it isn’t necessary to spend over $300 to med your concentrates with quality. Simply attach the Thermal Banger to any existing (standard 10mm) water pipe or bong you already own, load, and heat….SUPER simple. (Thermal Banger’s are available in both Male, and Female joint -types). Also included is a Higher Standards Dab-Kit…..a SLEEK HS Silicone mat & container, dab tool, and a box of HS Swab/Pipe Sticks to clean your banger between sessions.



  • 1x Quartz Thermal Banger
  • 1x Borosilicate (Bubble) Carb-Cap
  • 1x HS Silicone Dab Mat
  • 1x HS Silicone Container
  • 1x HS Dab Tool
  • 1x HS Swab Sticks 

Choose if you need a Male or Female connection.


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