VapCap 2020 "M" Vaporizer

The 2020 “M” is the latest from DynaVap’s “M” Series. This ultraportable device sports a slim, medical-grade stainless steel construction and new Captive Cap functional geometry.

The 2020 “M” features a faceted tip with airflow serrations and adjust-a-bowl technology that reduces the extraction chamber by 50%, allowing for easy micro-dosing. This device is also designed with a 10-millimeter tapered mouthpiece, and its chiral airports enable calibrated high-turbulence air injection. This product is shipped in a pocket-friendly and 100% recyclable cardboard package.


  • Stainless-Steel Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • Compact 92mm Length
  • Captive Cap
  • Adjustable Extraction Chamber
  • Improved Airflow
  • Low Draw Resistance



The DynaVap VapCap M 2020 is an analog dry herb vaporizer that can use any heat source to deliver tasty and dense vapor. DynaVap gave the 2020 VapCap M chiral airports for easier draw resistance, and the redesigned faceted tip is a marked improvement over the 2019 model. The addition of the Captive Cap keeps the DynaVap cap secure during use and allows for elite airflow. Dry herb users who want their VapCap M 2020 to serve as a one-hitter can utilize the Adjust-A-Bowl feature, which lets users reduce capacity if needed. Vape-on-glass users will enjoy the tapered mouthpiece that allows the VapCap M 2020 to attach to any 10mm female joint.

How to use the VapCap “M”

    • Pull the Captive Cap off your VapCap M and fill the chamber with dry herb
    • Apply heat from a small torch, candle, or lighter to the cap of the VapCap M 2020 (remember to rotate the VapCap to get even heating)
    • Once your temperature is reached you’ll hear a loud “CLICK”
    • After the 1st click you can begin to take draws, once you heard a 2nd “CLICK” you’ll know you are below vaping temperature
    • To avoid burning your dry herb do no reheat the VapCap 2020 M without hearing the second “CLICK”
    • Once you hear the cooldown click, reapply heat just like you did before and enjoy your session


What’s in the Box:

  • 1x VapCap “M” 2020

*This product is intended for use with legal materials, and is not intended for use with tobacco products. This product may not be sold to minors. Inhalation by smoking or vaping may be harmful to your health. This product has not been tested by the Food and Drug Administration.

Kit Style

Standard, Starter Kit